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Introduces the fundamentals of two-dimensional design by development of a clear understanding of visual communication through problem-solving, including formal and conceptual experimentation. Students learn to identify/apply the formal elements and principles of design using both analog and digital processes. Includes an introduction to the Adobe Creative Suite. 

Sarah G- Book.png

Student examples of projects and in-class exercises across various mediums. Projects included "Artist Mark," "Self-portrait Collage," "Emerging Pattern," and "Abstract Narrative." Students were given the choice to work tactile or digitally using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and to a lesser degree, InDesign. 

Annelise McDonald
Joseph Ho
Leonora Lewandowski
Sarah Gentile
Samuel Marrese-Wheeler
Cynthia Chang
Clare Plummer
Megan Kaiser
Caris Mullen
Sydney Pankratz
Alex Chin
Quinn Davies
Lily Metzler
Emma Meicher
Ava Feider
Gabrielle Holzhauer 


Sam-W-Emergin Patterns.jpg
Caris M Book.png
Clare P-Abstract Narrative.jpg
Joseph-H-Abstract Narrative.jpg
Leora L Typequads.png
Emma-M-Abstract Narrative.jpeg
Leora-L-Artist Mark.jpg
Quinn-D-Emerging Patterns.png
Clare P-Collage.jpg
Gabby H-Collage.png
Clare-P-Artist Mark.jpg
Ava F Typequads.png
Abstract Narrative-Cynthia-C.png
Annelise-M-Absrtract Narrative.png
Book-Quinn D.png
Ava F-Artist Mark_edited.png
Megan-K-Abstract Narrative.jpg
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